IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communication and Networking
22-25 June 2020 // Virtual Conference


On-Line Registration is now available. If you are ready to start the registration process, please click the button below.
When asked to enter your EDAS Paper ID number:

  • If you are an author of the main conference: enter your HotCRP paper number
  • If you are an author of a workshop: enter the abbreviation of your workshop (IoTSenCity 2020, or IUAV 2020 or IEEE STP-CPS)

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If you need further information about the registration, please contact directly the SECON 2020 General Chairs.

Registration Fees

Fees are in EUR and inclusive of VAT.

IEEE ComSoc Member IEEE Member Non-member
(workshop or conference)
250€ 260€ 300€
Non-student attendee 30€ 35€ 50€
Student attendee Free see below 14€

A single author registration covers the presentation and publication of up to 3 papers. Authors of multiple papers do not need to register multiple times for this. Any of the co-authors of the papers can register (with a full registration) to cover the paper. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the one who will be presenting the paper. Of course, the latter needs to register as well, using any of the available options.

Student Discounts

SECON 2020 is proud to announce great registration conditions for students! At these difficult times, we thought students should be our priority, and the whole SECON 2020 organizing committee worked hard for that. Students enjoy different options:
  • IEEE ComSoc student members can register for free! During the registration process, simply provide your valid IEEE ComSoc membership ID.
  • Non-member students have three options:
    1. Become an IEEE ComSoc member.
      • If you already are an IEEE member, the cost of a student IEEE ComSoc Membership is $0.50.
      • If you are not an IEEE member, you gain an IEEE and IEEE ComSoc Membership for $14. Note that to get this price you need to check “Join IEEE” in the registration form, and then select “Student member”, as shown here.
    2. Pay the reduced student fee of 14€.
      This fee is about the same as enrolling in IEEE ComSoc if you are not an IEEE Member yet. We encourage you to do the latter. The IEEE ComSoc membership will last after the conference and will provide you free access to other ComSoc conferences.
    3. Apply for a “Student Participation Grant”.
      We have set apart some budget to support students that cannot follow options 1 and 2 above. Note that these grants are limited to availability. The selection criteria and the application form are posted here.